Aims and objective of SEPC

(A) To promote exports of Services from India by such methods as may be necessary or expedient and without prejudice to the generality of the premises by:-

  • Undertaking market studies in individual foreign countries on regular as well as an ad-hoc basis.
  • Organizing visits of delegations of members to explore opportunities for Services
  • Organizing, participation in seminars, conferences and meets in India and abroad, trade fairs/exhibitions/buyer-seller meets.
  • Disseminating information regularly and continuously in foreign countries regarding the potential image of Indian Services sector and informing the public in foreign countries the advantages of availing Services from India.
  • Compiling statistics and other relevant information regarding international trade in Services.
  •  Providing commercially useful information and assistance to members in developing and increasing export of Services.
  •  Disseminating information useful to members by literatures, discussions, books, correspondence or otherwise.
  •  Offering professional advise to members in areas such as technology upgradation, quality and design improving, standards and specifications of the products and Services;
  •   Maintaining liaison with agencies dealing in international trade and Services so as to promote export of Services from India.
  • Communicating with the chambers of commerce and other mercantile chambers of commerce, professional bodies, other mercantile and public bodies in India and abroad for promoting measures for the advancement of exports of Services from India.
  • To take up various issues/problems and suggestions connecting with Services, with government and International agencies to promote interest of Services Providers

(B)  Promoting interaction between Services providers and government both at central and state levels.


(C)    To channelize financial assistance rendered by the central government to members for assisting their export market  development efforts.


(D)    To collaborate in kindred activities with the other export promotion councils/export promotion organisations in India and similar bodies in foreign countries and with international organizations working in the field.


(E) To enter into contracts


(F)    To draw, make, accept, endorse, discount and execute negotiable instruments.


(G)  To invest the money of the Council in any Bank approved by the Governing Council and the money received from the Central government as per directions of that government.


(H)    To subscribe for, become a member of and cooperate with any other Association, whether incorporate or not, whose objects are, altogether or in part, similar to those contained in this Memorandum and to obtain from and to communicate to any such Association such information as may be likely to fulfill the objects of this Council.


(I)     To obtain from the members and to prepare for the Council as a whole, action plans for promotion of exports of Services, development of exports markets, generation of production for exports, setting of export target, generally and in relation to specific countries and sectors, on an annual basis and for such medium and long terms as may be considered desirable and to ensure/undertake execution of such plans.


(J)    To construct building(s) and to furnish security by way of mortgage, charge, etc of the Council’s properties and assets.


(K)   To avail of loans and financial facilities from banks, Financial Institutions, Companies or Corporations for construction of building(s) and to furnish Companies or Corporations for construction of building(s) and to furnish security by way of mortgage, charge, etc. of the Council’s properties and assets.


(L)    To do all such other lawful acts as would be conducive for the promotion of exports and to the interests of the Council or incidental to the attainment of the above objects or of any of them.

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Page last updated on : November 29, 2018
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