Legal Services

A broad definition of legal services would include advisory and representation services as well as all the activities relating to the administration of justice (judges, court clerks, public prosecutors, state advocates, etc.). According to the WTO services sectoral Classification List (MTN.GNS/W/120), Legal Services are included under Professional Services. General Agreement of Trade in Services (GATS) covers four Modes of delivery of services in cross–border trade. Typical examples of Trade in Legal Services in four Modes of Supply are as under:-

Cross Border Services (Mode 1) Cross border supply of legal services using Technological Services; For example– An Indian Law firm e-mails a memo to a client operating in USA.
Consumption abroad (Mode 2) Purchase of Legal Services in the territory of another country. For example – An Indian Legal firm represents an American client in an Indian Court.
Commercial Presence (Mode 3) Expansion of a Legal Firm into another country. For example – An Indian Law firm establishes an office in USA.
Movement of natural persons (Mode 4) Law Professionals enter into a foreign territory temporarily to provide services. For example – An Indian lawyer provides Legal services by visiting a client in USA to prepare a business acquisition.

Page last updated on : January 10, 2019
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